It is impossible to not feel these compositions in your bones when you hear them. CelestiOwl is a spell weaver and embodies the shamanistic traditions he embraces with each of these tracks. They radiate an effortless magic that even listeners who usually reject this style of music will likely enjoy – if not love. It’s one of the year’s finest releases, instrumental or otherwise, and bodes well for his journey moving forward from here. ” - Chadwick Easton

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If grunge and thrash metal could wear a costume of nylon strings, with sacred bell-stomp and tribal chant, if atmospheric black metal could have a passionate affair with flamenco and Arabic maqams, then we might soar to that constellation upon CelestiOwl’s wings.

In 2022, CelestiOwl released his 44th album for his 44th birthday, marking 27 years as a guitarist. With 4 Classical Guitar albums that can only be called spiritual invocations, CelestiOwl is deeply inspired by his near-death experience at 17 years old, his  shamanic journeys with plant medicines and his ceremonial magick as a professional Astrologer and Mystery School Teacher.


For those to whom a stone reveals itself as sacred, its immediate reality is transmuted into supernatural reality. In other words, for those who have a religious experience all nature is capable of revealing itself as cosmic sacrality.” - Mircea Eliade

Journey In to Genres

Sonic Odyssey - Shamanic Classical Guitar

Minimal, NeoClassical, Cinematic

Ecstatic Dance Worldbeat DJ

Dreamscapes - for Meditation, Healing, Ceremony, Astral Travel, Sleep

StarGarden - Space Guitar

Eternal Echoes - SynthDrone

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