StarGarden - Space Guitar

StarGarden- Ambient Electric Guitar

CelestiOwl’s StarGarden 12 – PlediAncestree lays down the gauntlet for anyone making music, challenging them to look deeper inside themselves, and find the poetry in their heart.....Melodies emerge from the mist, always partial, and seemingly fragment before they can completely coalesce. It is easy to call this music dream-like, but that isn’t it at all. It is the sound of the soul.” - Clay Burton

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"3 Hubble Journeys to CelestiOwl's StarGarden series"

StarGarden Vol. 1: The Reign of Compassion

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StarGarden Vol. 2: The Release

StarGarden 3: Your Breath of Ashen Nebula

StarGarden 4: The Pillars of Creation

StarGarden 5: Riversing Heaven

StarGarden 6: CloudScroll, The Text of Traversing Eternity

StarGarden 7: TransDimensional

StarGarden 8: Adytum

StarGarden 9: I Was A Hidden Treasure, Yearning to Be Known, and Thus You Were Created

StarGarden 10: A Ceremony of Breath

StarGarden 11: Clouds Besiege What You Remain

StarGarden 12: PleidiAncestree

StarGarden 13 - Convalesce: A Sacred Treasure